Zinc fx stops colds and flu for us! 30 lozenges

(On temporary backorder due to Corona. No ETA but we’re accepting advance, 100% refundable orders at Wholesale, to be first in line.)

Zinc fx stops colds and flu for us!  30 lozenges 1

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Youngevity previously has offered it in singles and 4-Paks.

Zinc fx stops colds and flu for us!  30 lozenges 2

Personal note:

Our immediate family still has some not-for-sale, already-opened bottles, enough to last us a few weeks. We always have it around, for good reason. We rarely have anything more than the initial symptoms of a cold or flu.

Covid-19 is one of many infectious Corona viruses, which include Influenza and most common colds. We have no personal experience with Covid-19 and pray it never happens, but we DO expect that we will be exposed — no matter what happens.

We also expect that upon exposure, we won’t contract the disease and Zinc is part of our expectation.

We strongly suggest that you search for Zinc Lozenges (not the little white zinc pills which won’t help.) The Lozenges probably won’t cure a thing but we think they probably will prevent infection. Here’s our anecdote.

My Mother discovered zinc lozenges many decades ago. My Father discovered whiskey for the same reason, (no laugh intended) and he was a teetotaler. But when he had a sore throat, he would let a little drizzle down his throat. It burned terribly but the alcohol would cure the sore throat in a few hours — always.

Since Mother found out about Zinc in a health magazine, around 1955, our extended family has been using it, and we’re essentially void of Corona-virus diseases so far, such as Influenza and Colds.

Not all colds are Corona related. For the others, we merely add antihistamines.

It really works well for our family and friends to whom we’ve suggested Zinc over the years.

Note that we are not MDs so this is not “Medical Advice.” It’s only anecdotal. The FDA won’t let us offer Medical Advice simply because we don’t have a license to tell. It’s the law. However, true anecdotes like this are perfectly legal.