Youngevity Healthy Bone and Joint Pak 2.0

Youngeviety Healthy Bone and Joint Pak 2.0
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Youngevity’s Healthy Bone and Joint Pak 2.0 Description:

Healthy Bone and Joint Pak 2.0 is specifically formulated to support and promote healthy bones and joints. Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition including:


The Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak – Original, is like this Healthy Bone and Joint Pak 2.0. This one uses BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion powder (orange top) instead of the legacy Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) (blue top) powder. Functionally, they are the same. We think it’s mostly a matter of taste. Even our customers are about 50:50 on the taste.

Personal notes: The Healthy Bone and Joint Pak works beautifully for our family. I’m 79 and my wife is 74. Both of us would be nearly immobile except for the items in this Healthy Bone and Joint pak.

We thrive and work more than 40 hours a week to serve you happily.

Dr. Glidden told us personally that he was so crippled for a while that he began taking 16 Gluco Gels a day, along with the rest of this pak, and that Dr. Wallach took 15, five with each meal. A year later, Dr. Glidden said publicly that he was now taking eight a day because he was so much better.

My lovely wife had exactly the same result. Then, she switched to the new Youngevity product called ProJoint because three of those took care of her knees and hips — saving us money. Knee and hip surgery are NOT an option for several reasons, even if we trusted the operations, which we don’t.

Gluco Gel is not enough. The body also needs the added Calcium in Osteo-fx and the Magnesium there, which opens cells to the essential Calcium, for healthy bones.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine provides the minerals, especially the trace minerals, which help the body heal and make healthy new cells. It also contains the vitamins we need for energy and growth and the amino acids that make growth possible.

The joints hurt, so Dr. Wallach includes powerful CM Cream. In our experience, it reduces pain about 80% for about 4-5 hours, exactly as advertised. You can use CM Cream as often as you like.

Here’s a quote about the Healthy Bone from our friend, Dr. Glidden’s website.

“I broke my leg during a commute home from work on my bicycle. I wrecked on a slick spot in the road. I hobbled home and went to the hospital the next day for X-rays. The doctor said my femur was broken and I needed screws in it to heal. I refused the surgery / procedure.

“I went home and watched one of Dr. Glidden’s Health Recovery videos. He laid out a protocol for me to follow. I followed it 100% to a “T” and went back for more X-rays 3 weeks later and the doctor was amazed how quickly I was recovering.

” I walked into his office with no crutches or wheelchair. He told me to keep doing my protocol from Dr. G. and 3 weeks later I returned to work fully healed and riding to work again.

“Against the wishes of the surgeon, I was riding my bike indoors every day after 10 days because the nutrition was making my legs really stiff. I know it helped the healing process along with the stretching I was doing. I love Dr. Glidden… I commute to work almost every day and haven’t been off the bike, since some time in February. I normally ride 150 to 200 miles a week…”

— Ryan R

Many of our customers have telling us similar things. One phoned that she used to use that electric shopping cart/wheelchair at the supermarket and her son had to take her. She could barely walk ten steps.

She said that today she went shopping and held onto an ordinary cart. After she got to the cashier, she realized that she’d been walking around for thirty minutes!

Then she shouted into the phone, “And Dave, I’ve only been taking this stuff four days!”

She is our Healthy Healthy Bone and Joint Poster Child

She had faster quick results than most, but She did. At age 82, she is our ‘Poster Child!’ She will gladly tell you all about it.

We had similar things happen to us. Others have told us similar things. Many others in many countries, and on all continents but Antarctica!