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Trusted Authority. There's no feeling like it. The freedom and joy of knowing your businesses are your friends - instead of the usual: entities whose purpose is taking money out of your pocket to put in theirs .
There are only a few websites you can trust without question.
If a site is pushy, spammy, sells your email, or even sells a product for a penny less than legal, you won’t find it here. Who knows what else they’ll do! That wasn’t a question.
To qualify for your trust, they must put your wellbeing first, instead of profit first.

Trusted Authority (TA)

mailto:TA@Mktg.Org to apply for your website.
Many apply, but few qualify.
You can expect to be tested.

Below is a Clickable list of competitive websites you can trust and support. It’s not our list. It’s a list of sites that have applied somewhere and been completely vetted. You will see that most notable organizations are missing.

You’ll receive outstanding service and if they transact business, you’ll find great prices at each site below. If not, please tell us and we’ll make it 100% right to your 100% satisfaction — Personally Guaranteed, on Our Dime! Continued placement on this prestigious list is not guaranteed.

In random order:

  • DM1.US – Wholesale Youngevity Products.
  • – Wholesale Youngevity Products. (under revision)
  • Wellness Publications – The personal website of Dr. Joel D. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan, selling their books.
  • BillSlater.Com – The personal site of a true, American hero.
  • DavidAndCarolMitchell.Com – 3-day, easy, 500-FICO, $0-fee reasonable-interest, transparent financing for businesses.
  • – One near-perfect church that puts you before them. Online. Yes, there are plenty of others to equal it.
  • Mktg.Org – Wellness Research Site (Commonly Offline during extensive research updates.)
  • Proverbs13.Com – A totally private, free, monitored prayer chain.
  • MineralWellness.Com – Wholesale Youngevity Products and Books.
  • MachBooks.Com – Offering two superb Nutrition books, also clean but thrilling novels and cutting-edge business books. President Trump has at least two biz books from this one.
  • Association of Author Representatives – Ethical literary agents and editors only. 350 members. The rest needn’t apply.
  • PayPal.Com – The only financial transaction company that truly has your back. Head and shoulders above all the rest.

Trusted Authority.

There’s no feeling like it: the freedom and joy of knowing your businesses are your friends – instead of the usual: entities whose purpose is taking money out of your pocket to put in theirs.

I’m a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and I graduated magna cum laude.

That fact only means that I understand business.
By itself, it means nothing about my ethics.

My three Prime Directives mean a lot more, and they applied long before I entered business and wrote them down.

  1. Never to hurt; always to help.
  2. No Secrets.
  3. Improve all processes until work is fun.

I’m a philosopher and a mathematician. I have proven philosophically / mathematically, that a person can derive any two of the above principles from the third one. In other words, they ultimately have the same meanings.

About #1, Never to hurt; always to help.

Think about it. Is it even possible to hurt someone without hurting yourself? I think not.

When you try to hurt someone else, the only thing you do is to take the razor-sharp blade of your sword in your hand and present it to them, handle first. Even if they accept the sword, you’ll slice your hand.

So, be logical, not vengeful. You only hurt yourself, and your enemy needs to do nothing in the process.

So what about the person who hurts you? The answer is Biblical. You know about turning the other cheek.

That does not mean you must be a masochist and continue to associate with that person. But you should. Your life has more meaning if you win your brother to your side.

Every person on earth wants either to prosper you – or to hurt you so they can prosper. Merely choose the former, help them, and never hurt the latter, but try to win them to righteousness. That’s where the cookies are!

About #2, No Secrets.

Conflicts are common and welcomed and desired in our dynamic organization. Conflicts are the points at which we improve and grow. They typically represent spots of great potential profit — and I don’t mean dollar-profit, although that falls neatly into place.

When it’s all for one and one for all, secrets have to disappear. We follow the guidelines in Matthew 18.

My wise friend told me that in her enterprise, “No Triangles” is a prime adage. It means that no two people are allowed to talk behind a third’s back. They must involve the third. At her company, it’s a terminal offense to go to a boss and complain about someone else. Whistleblowers get fired there!

Go privately to him.

Then if you can’t resolve it, there are subsequent rules to follow. Worth Reading. Matthew 18:15-17. It’s very clear.

Going to the other person exposes hidden things. Since that person is not a saboteur (saboteurs are disallowed in our business) the infringement had to be inadvertent and only needs to be revealed.

At that point, some PROCESS needs revision, so look at #3.

It can take a higher authority’s action to improve the process. Actually, a higher authority caused the whole problem, by designing an imperfect process. By logic, the higher authority must change the process.

About #3, Improve All Processes until Work is Fun

“Fun” is the criterion, not the objective. If work is fun, then it goes smoothly. That’s all “fun” means here. However, the result is that people enjoy their work. So, by default, fun becomes the objective, after all.

I know (not just believe) that every employee works as an employee to do one of two things: (1) sabotage the business for their personal benefit or (2) improve the business for their personal benefit. As a field-grade military officer, I saw that every day.

It’s easy to spot which is which. Happy people are never saboteurs.

Sabotage is vanishingly rare, but in 50+ years of business I have known saboteurs. I knew some in the Air Force and was forced to work with them, learning to build my defenses.

In business, when I find a saboteur, instantly, we part company. I have quit as an employee and as a partner, and I have let others go.

Don’t hire saboteurs. As we were telling one job applicant our needs, he revealed his troubled heart. He said, “Show me the money.” Instead, I let him walk out the door, never to return.

In one case, (and if you read this you’ll know who you are — otherwise you won’t,) I gave away all of my rights to a very successful and very noble company. I gave it all to the saboteur because I did not want to fire that person. I did have the votes to do it. And I’m so glad I did. I continued to prosper in different ventures, while the saboteur ruined and lost the company, then fled into Mexico in self-imposed exile. Never-one-to-change, that person attacked my eBay account, trying to cost me about $600, but could not prevail. They probably don’t even know they failed.

Some saboteurs have been contracted with us. Those, I didn’t bother to fire. They merely got no further business. A saboteur has a heart condition and only God can heal it. I can’t.

I have never had to fire an employee for sabotage. How cool that is!

Some employees have been exceedingly expensive. They tend to be the ones who become the most valuable.

I may be the epitome of that concept, for under my direction, my companies are not worth billions of dollars. I might have directed them better. They only do well.

However, my companies might languish without my direction. I am diligently trying to change that situation, actively teaching my replacements, who at the proper time will force me into retirement so they can take over. There’s nothing bad about that. We all die, but there’s no reason a righteous corporation has to die.

So I never fire an employee, especially one who makes mistakes. I just adjust their job processes until they don’t make mistakes. What a concept!

I try to keep all employees who are unhappy. I just change their job processes until they enjoy what they’re doing.

In two cases, it merely meant buying them brand new, comfy chairs.

In others, it has meant teaching them to work from home.

In others yet, it meant creating expensive computer programs to automate 75% of their jobs — so they could think instead of filling out forms. What a concept!

It means staff meetings over meals that I buy at expensive restaurants, instead of some cold office room, which we consume as friends, before getting down to business.

If I ever find someone who takes advantage of my attempts to make them happy, well, it’s simple. I’ll know they are a saboteur.

So around here, people think deeply about how to help others.

People care deeply about all customers who aren’t saboteurs.

Actually, we care equally about saboteurs but we stop marketing to them, because we can help 50 or 75 customers in the same amount of time it takes to help a saboteur. We’d rather help 50 than just one.

We’ll just lose the next sale and let them sabotage our competition. The concept is Biblical.

But all processes here are fun, or else we change them until work is fun. People seem to like working where work is fun. That’s the whole idea.


We are in this business for profit. Any sane business is, or else they are going out of business, or they are lying about it.

Let’s define profit. It does not mean taking your money and giving you inferior stuff. That’s profitable, but it’s the wrong kind of profit and we don’t profit that way.

In our case, we are here to Put a Dent in Disease ™. There’s nothing in that statement saying we have to make money, however we must make enough money to keep the company alive.

That means providing outstanding products that reduce the instance of disease, and asking just enough money to buy them, pay the shipper, pay the ad agency, pay our taxes and pay the owners.

About paying the owners: everyone working here is an equal owner!

We all get to decide how much money each of us makes — or else the state minimum wage laws do. That’s how much we each make — California Minimum. Nobody makes more, and obviously nobody makes less.

TRUSTED AUTHORITY (TA) websites are from people and companies who generally follow those three principles:

  1. Never to hurt; Always to help. (even the competition)
  2. No Secrets. (even from the competition)
  3. Change all processes (never people) until work is fun.