— We so apologize for offending you.

We just want you healthy — really, we do.

We’re truly here to “Put a Dent in Disease” ™

As a family, we buy our own products from Youngevity and personally we pay more than you. That’s because we have to pay Youngevity for shipping and we ship $50+ orders free to you.

However, if you can find something cheaper, hooray. We’re cheering you on!

Some people can beat us on price because Youngevity has strict lower limits to prices and we are contracted with them to only sell brand new items, directly from them. That’s fine — we just want you healthy. Others can violate their contracts with Youngevity, but that’s not your business.

We don’t warehouse things for months, in drafty – freezy garages either. We have Youngevity ship everything directly from their stunning, 74,000 sf warehouse to you for 100% freshness. We’re only about 30 miles from there and visit it as often as we want.

You’ll never get anything old, dented, opened or obsolete from us. Even if the delivery driver damages your product or loses it, we’ll replace it fast and we’ll hope to get our replacement money back in a month or three.

And if you just want to try something out, you have our 100% FOREVER GUARANTEE of all your money back. Even decades from now. Youngevity gives you a month. We think that’s too short, so we overcompensate. It’s FOREVER here.

So if you would, please, email us at “Youngevity@Mktg.Org“, or call us from 9-9 Pacific Time, noon-midnight Eastern Time (858) 538-2911 to tell us how you’re doing, and what we can do better. We love to listen.

When you call, we won’t try to sell you stuff; that’s not how we roll. We just wanna know.

Your friends,
David and Carol Mitchell 858-538-2911 in San Diego


Citations from Nutrition Revolution by WD Mitchell, $49.97 on Amazon or $30 direct from the author with free shipping. Call 858-538-2911.

With Corona on the outbreak, $15 from the author and free shipping.

People say:

Author Will David Mitchell: This book is years of life — your life.

Dr. Linus Pauling: Every disease can ultimately be traced to one or more mineral deficiencies.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach: The food pyramid has killed more Americans than all wars combined.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Somebody ought to go to jail

Author Will David Mitchell: A magnificent journey begins with one step — in a new direction.