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This is where you log in to do whatever you need to do on the website — if you are contributing to a BLOG, for example. Ask us if you want an account. Accounts@Mktg.Org will do it.

You do NOT need to log in to order.

Just do that from the page containing the product you want to purchase. Click the Add To Cart button or optionally a Buy button. Then when you are ready, just go to your cart and finalize your order.

Up to the moment you actually pay, you can remove or add items to your cart.

Well, actually, you can mis-order and call us at 858-538-2911 or email us at Orders@Mktg.Org and we’ll correct everything, right up to the moment it goes on the truck for shipping. Unfortunately, we can’t turn trucks around, but even that doesn’t mean you’re stuck. We guarantee everything 100% forever!

TIP: If your CART TOTAL is $50 or more, we will happily pay for your shipping out of our pocket. However, don’t make two separate $30 orders a minute apart, because then, our excellent (busy) staff might not catch it, and charge you shipping on EACH. We don’t want that and you don’t either. Even then, we’d fix it.