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Bone and Joint Pak (original)
The Original B&J Pak

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Citations from Nutrition Revolution by WD Mitchell, $49.97 on Amazon or $30 direct from the author with free shipping. Call 858-538-2911.

With Corona on the outbreak, and during recovery times, $15 from the author and free shipping.

People say:

Author Will David Mitchell: This book is years of life — your life.

Dr. Linus Pauling: Every disease can ultimately be traced to one or more mineral deficiencies.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach: The food pyramid has killed more Americans than all wars combined.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Somebody ought to go to jail

Author Will David Mitchell: A magnificent journey begins with one step — in a new direction.


If your body is short of calcium, it’s logical to expect the bone and joint diseases. When the body needs calcium, it pulls it from the bones. As a result, the bones become porous, weak and brittle.

When the body needs calcium for such things as regulating the heart beat or helping the memory, it is going to pull it out of its boney storehouse. That means that the bone matrix remains but that calcium in the bones, which strengthens the bones, disappears. Bones become, brittle and easily fractured. That much is logical.

What is illogical, is that calcium deficiency causes arthritis in the joints, kidney stones, etc. What happens is the body pulls calcium from its normal stores and deposits calcium into other places such as joints and kidney stones. Then, you get arthritis, painful kidney stones and as a host of other things.

There are 147 calcium deficiency diseases, many of them not very logical but very provable and reversible.

If you have kidney stones or arthritis of its various forms, the way to get out of that trap is to add calcium to your diet!

There’s more to the story. Scientists, including Dr. Wallach have found that ordinary gelatin made from the bones of calves, or even chicken cartilage, especially with glucosamine sulfate or glucosamine chondroitin, will rebuild joints. My wife’s physician is pleasantly surprised that where she once had bone-on-bone joints, she has grown cartilage.

This even happens if the cartilage has been surgically removed. When a surgeon removes the cartilage in a joint, there always a few stem cells left behind, and if the body has the proper nutrient, it will rebuild the cartilage.

Taking 100% of the 90 essential nutrients and attacking the disease with glucosamine sulfate and calves gelatin, reverses and even eliminates arthritis in a few months.

For Bones and Joints

People having problems with their bones, joints, kidney stones, bone spurs and the like have calcium deficiencies. The Healthy Body Start Pack supplies the calcium they need. One quarter-cup of Osteo-Fx is the biological equivalent of around thirty 1200 mg of calcium pills because most of the calcium in the pills cannot be absorbed, but 97% of the calcium in Osteo Fx is absorbed. That’s because it is in liquid form and it’s derived from plants as colloids.

To assist with cartilage regrowth, proven possible by Dr. Wallach, add Gluco-Gel capsules. These  contain Glucosamine Chondroitin and Calves Gelatin. It’s almost like lubricating the joints but that’s not what happens. Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden and others proclaim that even when a physician removes cartilage, it will grow back.

Joints are often very painful and stiff when the body is short of calcium. While it is healing itself through improved nutrition, a good analgesic crème is in order. CM Crème gets added. You can rub it anywhere, neck, joints, muscles. It is non toxic and is not habit forming, so you can use it as much and as often as you desire. Even tinitis, or ringing in the ears, is often relieved by applying a small amount of CM Crème inside the ear canal with a Q-Tip.

The result is the Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pack.

As you’d expect, the 2.0 version uses BTT 2.0 instead of the original Beyond Tangy Tangerine.