Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak Original 1.0

The Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak Original 1.0 adds REV to the Healthy Body Start Pak. Thus, it enables Healthy Weight Loss.
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not retail $249.99
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You will notice that this is the Healthy Body Start Pak – Original, with the addition of one bottle of REV (circled in green). It’s cheaper as a Pak, but more economical still if you buy the individual products in bulk. By going to each linked product (below) you can find their bulk quantity equivalents.

Personally, this is our favorite of the lot.

Youngevity’s Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak Original 1.0 Product Description.

If you want to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle this is the kit for you!


Each Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak Original provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes:


Please click individual product blue links above for plenty of details.

Yep, tell the world it works for me. ER

It didn’t do a thing until I stopped eating sweets and drinking Cokes. Then it works really great. I stopped sweets before and only lost a few pounds, but this time on the Pak I lost big time. AN

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