Youngevity Healthy Body Family, 40 Paks, and counting

Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0.  One Example of 40 and counting.
Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 as one example of 40 paks, and counting

Here’s the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0, as one example.

Youngevity currently provides all these kinds of Healthy Body Paks. We sell them all, at Wholesale and with Free Shipping.

Please bear with us through March, while we create complete listings of all Paks. Anything you find here is for sale, unless it goes on backorder at Youngevity.

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Understanding the Pak Names:

Notice the labels ‘Original’ and ‘2.0’ below.

The difference is whether the Pak contains Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original or BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion.

It’s largely a matter of taste. Original is a couple of bucks cheaper. Tangy tastes more like a Tangerine and BTT tastes more like a Peach. We love both, but Original a little more.

Our customers are split about 50:50 on them.

A few paks contain Liquid Tangy Tangerine.

Also notice that many of the paks begin with a Start Pak and add one or two key ingredients, which Dr. Wallach wittily calls his ‘secret sauce’.

What follows the word ‘has’ or ‘adds’ or ‘with’ identifies what key ingredient(s) Dr. Wallach adds to that pak.

The number ’90’ means it has all 90 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids everyone’s body needs to stay well.

Okay, so all paks contain all 90 as well. PigPaks too.

Below, I’ll abbreviate Healthy Body to just “HB”. Hope you don’t mind.

  1. PigPak is what started it all. Has Liquid Tangy Tangerine
  2. PigPak Plus is what Dr. Wallach takes. Similar but with more calcium
  3. HB Start Pak Original has Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original
  4. HB Start Pak 2.0 has the newer BTT 2.0 replacing Original
  5. HB Start Pak 2.0 with BTT Tablets is the newest with Tablets
  6. HB Start Pak 2.0 with Liquid Beyond Osteo-fx
  7. HB Blood Sugar Pak Original adds Sweet-Eze
  8. HB Blood Sugar Pak 2.0 adds Sweet-Eze
  9. HB Bone and Joint Pak Original with CM Creme & Gluco Gel
  10. HB Bone and Joint Pak 2.0 Similar but with BTT 2.0
  11. HB Brain and Heart Pak Original, adds Selenium + EFA
  12. HB Brain and Heart Pak 2.0 adds Selenium + EFA
  13. HB Weight Loss Pak Original adds REV
  14. HB Weight Loss Pak 2.0 adds REV
  15. On-The-Go HB Start Pak 2.0 – single box, single servings
  16. On-The-Go HB Start Pak 2.0 – two boxes, single servings
  17. Shellfish Free HB Start Pak has no animal products at all
  18. HB Athletic Pak adds Rebound and CM Cream
  19. HB Athletic Pak 2.0 adds Rebound and CM Cream
  20. HB Digestion Pak
  21. HB Digestion Pak 2.0
  22. Anti-Aging HB Start Pak – Original adds Cell Shield RTQ
  23. Anti-Aging HB Pak 2.0 adds Cell Shield RTQ
  24. Core90 HB Pak Ultra Body Toddy, Cal Toddy, Projoba Omega
  25. Healthy Weight Loss French Vanilla
  26. Keto 90 Strawberry Creme Shake Pak
  27. REV 90 Banana Cream Fit Shake Pak
  28. REV 90 Chocolate Fit Shake Pak
  29. On-The-Go Cardio Daily Premium Pak for the heart
  30. Keto 90 Chocolate Pak for weight loss
  31. King Kong Cardio Pak for the heart
  32. Essential 90 Starter Pak – Ultimate Tangy Tangerine & EFA
  33. Wellness 90 Pak Vanilla Total Meal Replacement Shake plus Rev, Sweet-Eze and TrueDetox Tea
  34. Wellness 90 Pak Chocolate Total Meal Replacement Shake plus Rev, Sweet-Eze and TrueDetox Tea
  35. Tropical 90 Pak — Tropical Plus and EFA
  36. Power Pak – ZRadical, BTT 2.0 and Enzymes
  37. Toddy 90 Pak – Ultra Body Toddy and EFA
  38. BTT Basic 90 Pak – Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original (not 2.0 and EFA
  39. Classic 90 Pak – Ultimate Classic and EFA
  40. Aquagevity HB Start Pak 2.0 with better hydration

All of these paks can also be found at this Trusted Authority Website

Youngevity Healthy Body Family, 40 Paks, and counting 1

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Citations from Nutrition Revolution by WD Mitchell, $49.97 on Amazon or $30 direct from the author with free shipping. Call 858-538-2911.

With Corona on the outbreak, $15 from the author and free shipping.

People say:

Author Will David Mitchell: This book is years of life — your life.

Dr. Linus Pauling: Every disease can ultimately be traced to one or more mineral deficiencies.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach: The food pyramid has killed more Americans than all wars combined.

Dr. Peter Glidden: Somebody ought to go to jail

Author Will David Mitchell: A magnificent journey begins with one step — in a new direction.