Healthy Body Digestion Pak Original 1.0

Healthy Body Digestion Pak Original
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This Healthy Body Digestion Pak Original is specifically formulated to support and promote healthy digestion.

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Digestion is how your body turns food you eat into nutrients it uses for energy, growth, and cell repair.

The digestive tract (or gastrointestinal tract) is a long twisting tube that starts at your mouth and ends at your anus. It’s made up of a series of muscles that coordinate the movement of food and other cells that make enzymes and hormones to break down food.

Along the way are three other organs that are needed for digestion: your liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.

Everybody needs to consume 96 things:

  • Air / oxygen
  • Water
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates, although it can make them from Fat and Protein
  • 60 minerals and trace minerals
  • 16 vitamins
  • 12 amino acids
  • 3 essential fatty acids.

All of the above are deemed Essential because the body needs them to survive, and the body cannot make them on its own.

Actually, it can manufacture most, possibly all, of the carbs it needs. Itt can make some of the Omega-9 essential fatty acid, but not enough.

So that count of 96 is a bit fuzzy. If you want to claim 95, I won’t quarrel with you. That’s not the point at all.

Except for air / oxygen, these items must be absorbed by the digestion system. Otherwise, they are eliminated.

For example, my genius father’s body had difficulty absorbing magnesium. Mother knew to watch for symptoms and get him extra magnesium so he could function mentally again.

This Healthy Body Digestion Pak Original

Is designed with the 90 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to thrive. It adds specific Enzymes and Flora bacteria needed to enhance digestion.

Amazingly, our Triple Treat Chocolate and several other chocolates include prebiotics and probiotics that help your digestion — with a bonus. They’re healthy chocolate, with many other benefits.

The Healthy Body Digestion Pak Original has a near twin in the Healthy Body Digestion Pak 2.0 version, found here

Also found at this Trusted Authority (TA) website: DM1.US