Diamond Mine 1 Website

  • Shop and purchase Youngevity products.
  • Everything is there!
  • Everything is Wholesale.
  • They ship $50+ orders free.
  • Run by Master Nutritionists who love to chat about nutrition.
  • They are extremely interested in You.
  • 100% FOREVER GUARANTEE on everything they sell. Really!

You can call 858-538-2911 to reach them from 9-9 Pacific Time = Noon to Midnight Eastern, for free consults.

They give rebates too.

Diamond Mine 1 is what's known as a Trusted, Authority (TA) website. They sell everything that Youngevity sells, at the lowest legal prices. When possible, they ship free and pay sales tax for you.

Click to go to Diamond Mine 1.

This is actually our favorite Youngevity website!

They carry absolutely everything Youngevity, and that’s between 2,000 and 5,000 products, depending on how you count.

Is a T-Shirt that comes in three sizes and three colors one or three or nine products? Does it matter?

Most of the groups in their Oval of products correspond with “Families” or “Collections” in this site. For example, we have a Chocolate Collection 11 and a Healthy Body Paks Family 101.

We pledge to honor any perk you find at Diamond Mine 1, such as their famous FOREVER GUARANTEE.

And if you want to buy from Diamond Mine 1, we’ll cheer you on, because, like them, we’re altruistically committed to fighting disease. We place your health over our profit.

Our profit? That’s a laugh because you can buy products cheaper from Youngevity than we can — because we have to pay shipping costs and usually you don’t. We pay yours for you.

It’s okay. We’re here for you. We’ll be alright.