BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x : two bottles

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BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x : two bottles has amazing ORSC score of 160,000 to combat free radicals and inflammation
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Youngevity BTT 2.0 TABLETS
BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x : two bottles 1
BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x : two bottles 2

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There’s no easier way to provide your body with essential nutrients.

Available in bulk: Quantities of One, Two, Three or Six

This multi-vitamin mineral complex contains:

  • Whole foods,
  • Trace minerals,
  • Antioxidants,
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics,
  • Amino acids.

Synergizing Nutrients:

Plus, you get synergizing nutrients that help ensure maximum absorption in your body.

BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x ORAC 160,000

And with an ORAC Score (antioxidant capacity) of 160,000, you get even more antioxidants to combat free radicals and support your overall health.

Who is BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x for: 

Anyone seeking proper nutrition in their daily diet.    

What it does: 

It provides the body with the essential nutrients needed for optimal health. 

What Sets BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x Apart?  

  • Synergizing cofactors ensure maximum nutrient absorption and benefits 
  • An unusually high 160,000 ORAC (antioxidant) score per serving 
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes to support digestion 

Main Ingredients/Benefits  

Pre-Pro Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend: includes prebiotic fiber, lactobacillus acidophilus, and L. sporogenes May help support digestion. 1, 2, 3 
Vitamin A A powerful antioxidant that’s known to help support the immune system, healthy vision, healthy skin, healthy bones and teeth, and more. 4 
Vitamin C A powerful antioxidant that helps protect our bodies from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. It also helps to regenerate your supplies of vitamin E (another useful antioxidant). 5 
Vitamin D3 Known to support healthy bones by promoting calcium absorption – it may also help maintain blood pressure levels within the normal range. 6 
PuriGenic Free Radical Defense System (Proprietary Blend) Organic amla bioflavonoid complex: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory known to enhance the action of vitamin C and support blood circulation.   
Selenomethionine: a potent antioxidant and immune system booster.  
Grape seed extract: may help with poor circulation and swelling caused by an injury.  
Pre-Pro Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend: Includes prebiotic fiber, FOS, lactobacillus acidophilus, and L. sporogenes. 
Organic Amino Acid Complex May balance blood sugar levels in the body and help improve athletic performance. 
Certified Organic Whole Foods Including: Acerola fruit extract Beet juice  Carrot root 
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BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x has a huge ORAC score of 160,000, thought to fight Cancer.

Cancer is an interesting, terrible disease.

In a 2013 interview, Dr. Wallach stated that cancer is never genetic but instead it is a self-inflicted disease. Of course, nobody would intentionally give themselves cancer but the facts remain that if a woman cooks her dinner meat well done, she increases her risk of breast cancer by 462%. If she fries the dinner, it’s the same.

He goes on to explain why. As noted elsewhere in this book, fats (especially vegetable oils) oxidize in a flash at frying temperatures, turning into carcinogens. So avoid fried food, period. Cook your steak rare or medium rare at low temperature. If you must use oil, make it butter only. Not even olive or coconut oil is safe. No mayonnaise, no salad dressing, no bottled oils at all.

Selenium is effective against several forms of cancer., whether or not you smoke. It’s available here, and also at this Trusted, Authority website: DM1.US.

As mentioned above, Dr. Wallach and Dr. Schrauser spent millions of dollars suing the FDA for the right to make that statement. The FDA lost.

I sat through a 2 ½ hour lecture by Dr. Schrauser once, while he proved that statement medically, statistically, biologically, mathematically, chemically, physically, anatomically…. He proved in 22 separate ways, that selenium is effective against cancer of the prostate, breast and lungs. With little doubt, it’s effective against other forms of cancer, but he had not at the time, made those tests.

As he stated, selenium is powerful but acts much better when added to the other 90 essential nutrients.

Unfortunately for large pharmaceutical companies, selenium is a food and cannot be patented. Large pharmaceutical companies make billions upon billions of dollars from cancer every year. Cure it, and guess what! Billions and billions of dollars in profit and research grants disappear.

The ones who suffer are the poor people who get cancer, along with the rest of us who pay higher insurance premiums for unnecessary treatment, with the profits going into the medical profession.

So other than being an electrical semiconductor, what is selenium, anyhow?

BTT 2.0 Tablets 2x : two bottles 3

It used to be considered a poison. That was because of cattle that happened to graze on ground that’s extremely high in selenium. The constant exposure to the selenium caused hooves to split. The hooves were in constant contact with the mineral and absorbed massive doses.

Too much of anything is harmful – even water and oxygen. It turns out that selenium is safe, compared to many other things and it is necessary for health.

Where it doesn’t exist in the land, such as areas of Western Pennsylvania, Northeastern Iowa and a specific province of China, especially where people grow most of their own food and don’t import it, people have very high incidences of various diseases that go away when they get selenium. Selenium is just a mineral. It’s very common and inexpensive.