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Bill Slater

Forty years is a long time. I’ve known Bill Slater for that long, and have worked with him off and on in business nearly as long. We were both at SAC Headquarters as officers; he programmed and ran computers while I flew and taught flying.

He is a man of intense integrity and remarkable ability. We were fortunate to attract Mr. Slater to be our Chief Information Officer (CIO) and also Chief Internet Security officer (CISO). We are all proud of the outstanding work he has done for our spider-web of enterprises.

Without hesitation, I recommend him to you for anything. Period. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the extreme value he brings to your organization. You may call me personally with any questions about Bill.

Will David Mitchell, BA, MS, MBA (mcl), business success, DFC, author, etc. 858-538-2911 9-9 Pacific Time. I’m public and I’m fearless.
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