Think Instead. The #1, Life-Changing Cure-all.

Think instead

“Evil exists on earth, only to pollute the minds of men. WDM

“Spreading news of evil prospers it. Forgetting evil kills it.” WDM

“Think instead.”

Some folks seem to believe that I should think instead about things other than the five listed in Philippians 4:8 and below. Every translation of the Bible that I have read, tells me the opposite. Here is why.

Even if a thing is true, I won’t necessarily think about it. For example, it’s true that evil exists, but I refuse to pollute my dreams with it.

I will think instead

on a thing (meditate on it, keep it in my mind, dwell on it, let it absorb my thoughts) only if there is any excellence (goodness) in it or if there is anything in it worthy of praise.

If it is:

  • Honorable, or
  • Just, or
  • Pure, or
  • Lovely or
  • Commendable

then only if there is excellence in it and if there is anything in it worthy of praise, THEN I’ll think instead about that thing, and I’ll write about it, and I’ll spread the good news.

Example: I do believe we all will be exposed to Corona in ever-more-virulent forms, and that the overwhelming majority of us will kick Corona because our immune systems will overwhelm it before it can overwhelm our bodies.

I choose to think instead on these things. I believe in doing things to increase my immunity. There are 90 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids to take daily as food supplements because our diets simply cannot supply them all.

These things will save me but only temporarily, because all die. We always have and we always will.

The good news, and the bad news, is that you and I are immortal. This is great if you want to spend immortality in Heaven. It’s horrible if you don’t, because you WILL and I WILL spend immortality somewhere. We don’t get to choose whether to be mortal or immortal. Our bodies are mortal, but our souls, the essence of our beings, are immortal and can never die.

So that’s wonderfully good news and personally, I think instead on that fact. Or it’s horribly bad, but true news.

The only question that matters

is where will we be after mortality, when we have suddenly become immortal — that is — when we cannot die.

Each of us answers that question personally, for one person.

For me, and thankfully for nearly all of my friends, death will be a glorious graduation from earth into Heaven and eternal health, and joy, and happiness, and fellowship with the One God who made us. I choose to think instead on these things. By the way, I sleep well at night.

Call me about anything.

But please call from 9-9 Pacific Time only. My stunning wife needs her beauty sleep. I’m long past beauty and just need to sleep. However, I’ll happily arise and talk with you as long as you want.

Will David Mitchell

Author of more than 50 full-length books with zero rejections. Every one of them has been published on paper and some electronically, even audio books. Several are in their 4th and 5th editions and in their 4th and 5th printings.

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