The Nutrition Revolution

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Why Do Top Athletes Die So Young?

Recently a professional athlete set another record. He was the first to live to 100 years.

Then, sadly, he passed away. He outlived the average professional athlete by about 35 years! Not bad.

Why Die Early?

Canadian Football League players live, on average, to age 51. NFL players in the US average about 2-3 years longer to 53.5 (linemen) or to age 59 (backs).

I used to own two beachfront homes four doors away from the late Jr. Seau’s home. What a wonderful, kind gentleman! A gentle man, he could almost scratch a sleeping tiger under the chin, without awakening it. Suicide from depression. Hid it well. Nobody knew.

I recall my high school days. I’m 79 years old. All but one of my top athlete classmates are gone. They were generally the first to go, usually in their ’60s.

I was an ordinary athlete, but a top musician, which kept me mostly off the fields and courts. I didn’t work out every day of the week, building muscle mass and quickness, like my classmates. Daily PE classes were enough. I didn’t know at the time, but the daily vitamins and minerals my mom gave us probably awarded us high longevity.

At 79 years old,

I’m sitting in a gym, watching mostly older folks work out on treadmills and exercise bikes. I’m not here to exercise. At 79, I feel great and my wife says I’m 79 goin’ on 49. Four months ago, I built a full garage in our side yard, and my only help was from someone occasionally holding the other end of a tape measure. Twice. Hard work? Sure. But by no means too hard for me. To boot, I’m actively managing a million-dollar home business and five employees.


Am I special? No more than you. Just blessed. I’m a bit of a ‘testimony’ regarding health and longevity. I supplement heavily with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. As a pilot, I still get annual physical exams and I happen to qualify for the most expensive medical tests in the land. Those things would spot a pea-sized tumor or the slightest arterial plaque. Nothing.

Blood work?

Blood work is perfect except for one thing. I wore out my pancreas with Pepsi Colas over the years, for added energy, not knowing what I was doing. No more sodas now and I take either Glucogenix or Sweet Eze from Youngevity, with my regimen of food supplements. It’s fine now.

But I’m just one example. You can’t rely on one example as a basis of your health. The fact that I could produce about 100,000 names of others like me shouldn’t make that much difference either.

Or maybe it should.

Janet called last night at 1 am, her time in Pennsylvania. I’m in California where it was 10 pm. She’s more healthy than her husband, her kids or seemingly her grandkids. She’s not taking any medications at all, but the rest of her family are. She has been taking potent vitamins and minerals for years and they’ve laughed at her.

But no longer. They are starting to buy the same things she buys.

Anti Disclaimer

I’m supposed to write a disclaimer here that Janet is an exception and that there are no guarantees that if you do like her, you will get the same results. Fortunately for you, that would be a lie. Someone like Janet calls or emails Carol and me about 3-4 times a week with similar personal information. I can’t deny their claims.

Cure Guarantees

No guarantees, of course. Even a physician, which I’m not, won’t guarantee a cure. The AMA would yank their license. But I know there’s a high probability your health and longevity will improve dramatically. Carol and I personally testify that it has for our family and around four people a week for the better part of a decade.

100% FOREVER Guarantees

What we DO guarantee may be impressive though.

We guarantee everything we sell, 100% Money-Back FOREVER.

We think that’s the only way to roll. Frankly, we believe we are 100% unique in this view.


I honor the word of careful researchers, who synthesize new information from things already known by other great researchers, and who develop new information from data they observe. They take care to avoid personal bias and spurious or suspect data. Their results are subject to review by hundreds of their peers, many of whom have vested interests in refuting the research.

Strong, Repeatable, Verifiable

So the research must be strong, repeatable and verifiable. Utah Cold Fusion, in contrast, has enjoyed strong research, but the results were not repeatable, nor verifiable. That research has rightly been discounted as without merit.

The nutrition research I’ve seen is strong, repeatable and verifiable. It has withstood thousands upon thousands of challenges.

In other fields, I may be a researcher of some note, but regarding nutrition, I can only report on top-flight research from three of my very famous friends, whose names you likely know.

I’ll summarize here, what they write.

Essential Minerals, Vitamins, Amino and Fatty Acids

Every living body (especially humans, but also animals) needs 60 minerals to rebuild healthy cells every 3-4 months. Add to that, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 amino acids, air, water, protein, and carbohydrates. The total is 96. If the body can’t get even one of these 96, well, something bad will happen. Here’s the short story of why.


Every cell has its distinct DNA. That DNA tells the cell precisely how to reproduce another cell like it before it dies in 3-4 months. The DNA tells the cell to watch the bloodstream for the building blocks of life, including those 96 nutrients. When they stream by, the cell snags the ones it needs. Then when the cell’s genes’ telomeres are short enough, the cell copies itself.

But, what happens if the cell can’t find enough calcium or copper?

Diseased Cells

In that case, it WILL BUILD a new cell. The trouble is, that particular cell will be defective. Deficient and defective cells are the makers of disease.

For example, the metal, Arsenic is a strange material. Its salts are really-really toxic. However, our body needs the tiniest amount of pure arsenic, in metallic colloidal form. As evidence, in the few areas of the world that have absolutely no arsenic in the soil or water, people die quite early of very specific kinds of leukemia and certain other diseases. However, when the same people ingest a speck of arsenic, about the size of a piece of a crushed piece of table salt, every week, they get well. Two of my research doctor friends proved that surprising fact in China and in the Great Lakes region of the USA.

Therapeutic Levels

Too much oxygen or water will kill, and I don’t mean ‘drowning’ here. Every day, paramedics and emergency rooms treat people from drinking too much water! Obviously, the therapeutic level of water is substantially less, because we need water.

Even arsenic, like all things we can consume, has a therapeutic level and a toxic level. We need a therapeutic level of arsenic, calcium, phosphorus, and sixty of the non-radioactive metals. Some of them have really low toxicity levels, that is, it doesn’t take much to sicken you, and some of their salts are even worse. In colloidal form, they are safe.

The trick would seem to be, how to ingest what we need, and not go beyond toxicity levels. There’s an easy answer:

Colloidal Minerals

And the answer to that is to ingest the minerals as metallic colloids, not salts. There’s a hugely important difference. A colloid of silver, for example, is a particle of pure metal, and it can’t harm you.

A silver salt, however, bonds the silver with something else, like chlorine, a nitrate ion or oxygen. Those molecules are compounds and are from slightly, to aggressively toxic.

Most colloids are formed naturally and automatically by plants. The roots reach into the soil and create colloids out of compounds, so they work with soil bacteria to create colloids from the material in the soil. I don’t know, and I’m not sure anyone can explain it, but they just do it anyhow.

A typical colloid is about 6,000 times SMALLER than a typical human cell, so a cell can absorb a colloid easily. More importantly, a cell that contains too much of an element colloid simply excretes it. Thus it’s hard to persuade the body to consume too much of anything, provided that ‘thing’ is in colloidal form.

A salt is entirely different in its chemical reactions in the body.

Ionic Minerals

Salts are ionic and they carry other things along with them. Everyone knows Sodium Chloride (table salt) contains Sodium and Chlorine. Sodium is a mineral, one of the 60 we need. But when you ingest Sodium Chloride, you also get the Chlorine ion.

In this case, we need that highly toxic but highly important Chlorine. Our bodies use it to make Hydrochloric Acid, or stomach acid, or HCl. The stomach wall is specifically impervious to HCl because that same HCl could kill us fast if it got out, for example into the bloodstream.

For example, one of the top dangers of vomiting is how that HCl comes up and then can get down into the lungs, burning everything in its path! We truly are wonderfully made.

Arsenic oxide competes with phosphate in the body, dangerously disrupting certain important enzymes. Arsenic oxide is ionic, not colloidal, and at the toxic levels, there is far more arsenic present than needed. However, even the toxic element called arsenic is necessary, in micro-amounts, for life to thrive.

Bodies cannot make minerals.

The sun can. Creation can. The earth, plants nor animals cannot make minerals. The amount of minerals on earth is fixed for all time.

Moreover, the minerals can’t migrate in, except via floodwaters and the like. When a farmer’s plants have removed most of the minerals from the land, that’s it. The land won’t renew. It will never again produce plants with good minerals in them. And the animals that feed on those plants will be deficient in minerals as well.

It gets worse. When plants are unable to get their minerals, they lose their ability to make vitamins. They lose their flavor, too. Tomatoes, which used to taste wonderful from “field-x” now taste like water. Near our home, thousands of acres of strawberry fields how have sprouted houses, because the fields could no longer produce the flavorful berries Southern California prized.

And it still worsens. The animals who eat plants produce most of our amino acids and essential fatty acids. But the plants are deficient, and so are the meats.

Further along the chain, fish suffer the same fates.

And people, who eat plants, animals and fish have been dying a generation too soon — at least.


One answer would be to spread these expensive minerals on the farmlands so plants could absorb them and make great vegetables, and so animals could eat them and be healthy. But an ear of corn might have to cost as much as a new Caddy in that case. That idea would never work.

The only sane answer is for us to consume micro amounts of those 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, and 12 amino acids, along with 3 essential fatty acids, air, food, and water constantly.

Fortunately for us, that’s really easy to do. It’s called Food Supplementation.

It’s not quite that simple, however. There’s this little matter called supply. Where do you get them? The minerals are exceedingly rare. Over the 57,000,000 square miles of land on earth, only about 200 square miles are known to have all of these minerals. All 200 square miles are in one spot, and they’re not on top. One company controls them all, exclusively, in perpetuity.

Fortunately for us, that company, named Youngevity, Inc., mines the land for the minerals and sells the result in a wide range of food supplements.

My Testimony

I mentioned that I’m 79, and my wife says I’m going on 49. I’ve been supplementing my food with these supplements for nearly two decades and I’m convinced they are my power source.

I’m so convinced that I market all 2,000+ Youngevity products widely, with a 100% Forever, Moneyback Guarantee, and tens of thousands of customers a year. Out of all our 100,000 or more customers on every continent, even Antarctica and Oceana, almost none have ever returned any product whatsoever. No matter- if they do, they get their money back, even decades from now, Lord willing.

It seems our customers agree with us about the power and potency of these products. They write and phone to say those things about nine times every week.

Will David Mitchell, author, DFC, BA, MS, MBA magna cum laude, etc.

Copyright © 2020, Will David Mitchell

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