Most people suppose that wearing a mask protects you from Corona/Covid19 because it filters out the dangerous air around you.

Surgical mask. Notice all the areas at the sides of the nose and lips where most air Actually flows, instead of going through the mask.
Mask not correctly fitted. At least, pinch the hidden metal strip at the top.

Well, a mask protects you, but that’s not the reason.

One Covid-19 virus cell is about 90 nanometers in diameter, and for a virus, that’s huge, but it’s still invisible. A skin pore is maybe 100,000 nanometers wide, and a virus could enter one easily. That’s not usually the problem, because Covid-19 has to get into the back of the throat, multiply and eventually enter the lungs.

Nearly all infections occur through the softest tissue: eyelids, lips, mouth, nasal cavity.

The size of a virus cell is nothing, compared to the size of the pores in a mask, and those pores aren’t the big problem anyhow. Mankind simply cannot make a cheap, facial filter that reliably catches a Coronavirus cell. A raw virus wouldn’t even know the mask was there.

If the virus is in droplets of liquid, as from a sneeze, it can get trapped.

In my experience, I haven’t been able to get a surgical or dust mask to fit well enough, and too much of my air comes in from around the edges.

An N95 mask filters out 95% of the particles in air passing through it. Those particles are HUGE, compared to the size of a coronavirus cell.

So it seems a mask offers me too little protection in public.

That’s very wrong.

Maybe, it would seem, that the main reason for a mask is to prevent me from infecting others when I sneeze or cough. Or if they wear one, to protect me.

That’s closer, but no basket.

So why do I tell people always wear a mask when you’re out near other people, during times of infection?

Really simple.

Primarily, we get infected from our hands,

but not because the virus enters our hands!

Our hands have touched something infected, and the mask prevents us from touching our face!

When you must go where there’s a danger of Coronavirus, even if it’s not Covid-19, you’re always having to touch things.

Everyone touches the same things:

Doorknobs, chairs, tables, trays, credit cards, phones….

Coronaviruses live a long time, days and weeks, on things like plastic and metal. During a week, many-many people touch the same things, all day. If someone infected with Coronavirus has been there in the last week or two, touching things you touch, well, you are at risk.

You don’t get it through your skin. Skin is really tough. But we all touch our faces, to:

  • Wipe a minor sniffle
  • Scratch an eye
  • Rub a nose

We don’t even realize it. We get any Coronavirus via those soft membranes like the eye, the lips, the mouth and inside the nose.

I did a test.

In the last five minutes, while typing this article, so far, I have wanted to touch my face 21 times, and that’s about once every 15 seconds, without ordinarily thinking about it or being aware of it.

But if I were wearing a mask, I would have had to think about it every time, move the mask aside and rub that nose. I’d have to consciously do that.

SR-71A and pilot. Imagine having to remove that "mask" inflight, to scratch a nose. It was actually possible, but I don't think anyone ever did it.
Not me, but a good friend, whom I refueled inflight many times.
Really aggressive at table tennis and pool. That’s looking East at Beale AFB, California.

Think about astronauts, and fighter pilots, for example. When piloting, if my nose itched, no matter how terribly, I couldn’t remove my helmet to scratch it. In a plane, sometimes I’d remove the mask, even knowing that in seconds, I could pass out. I’d hold my breath, scratch and replace the oxygen mask.

That would never happen in active, aerial combat, or in the SR-71.

At times, that was agony. Some astronauts actually carried long sticks into orbit, so they could itch an itch.

The mask is only half of the battle. Hand cleanliness is the other.

If I have clean hands, I can scratch my nose all I want.

If I touch a doorknob in a restaurant, it’s not safe for me to touch my lips, unless I sanitize first. I could wash, of course, but that can be really inconvenient.


I walk into McDonalds with clean hands, except that I infected one hand on the door because right after McDonalds cleaned that door an hour ago, someone with Covid-19 came in. Moreover, fifty other people have touched that door.

That infectious person had no idea they were going to come down with a heavy, dry cough in two days, high fever in four, and would need a ventilator in eight. If they’d have known, they’d have stayed home. They couldn’t know that they were contagious.

They probably caught the disease from someone else who had no symptoms and might not yet have any for another few days.

But they were infected,

And now my hand, hypothetically, has Coronavirus on it.

These days, MOST restaurants that are still open, clean door handles every hour or less and have hand sanitizer posted right there. MOST people just walk right in and order, but being prudent, head to the restroom to wash up. Touching their face maybe 10-20 times in the process, using the same facility lots of people have used very recently.

That’s how it spreads.

So please, do these kinds of things. Next year when it’s a mild flu or it’s not, do these kinds of things.

  • Wear your mask to remind you NOT to touch your face with your hands.
  • Sanitize your hands before you go out.
  • Carry sanitizer.
  • Open any door with a piece of paper if you can, and discard the paper soon.
    • Or, open the door and sanitize your hand again before you touch anything else.
  • Each time you have to touch something new, such as to move a chair in a restaurant, or to take a fork, or to give someone your credit card, or especially to use a pen to sign in at the doctor’s office, sanitize again.
    • Come on. You can do it discretely. Nobody will laugh at you.
  • When you’re done, rub a little sanitizer on that pen or clipboard or knob to protect the next person.
  • If someone has handled your credit card, sanitize it before putting it back where it lives with your other cleaned cards.
  • That all means carrying sanitizer or risking infection.

When Corona hit, we were low on sanitizer and Youngevity had already run out. We phoned the Purell manufacturer and somehow got a couple of bottles. The manager said he would run out the next day, and he did.

We had some rubbing alcohol and read the Purell label. We found out Purell was about 2/3 alcohol, and 1/3 lotion. Alcohol strips the outer layer right off any Coronavirus, like flu, most colds and Covid-19. The virus cell is doomed.

But alcohol dries out the skin, so a moisturizer is necessary. Purell and others merely blend a moisturizer with the alcohol to make a convenient sanitizing lotion.

You can do the same thing. Jergens makes good lotion. 1/3 Jergens and 2/3 alcohol would do well. Mix and shake.

Rubbing alcohol might not even be the best alcohol, because after all, you can’t drink the stuff safely, and it does get in your system via your hands — but any alcohol will do.

At the liquor store, you can buy 190-proof, if they have it. Even Sterno would work. It’s just jellied alcohol. That would be expensive though.

Thinking about it, undrinkable Purell lotion is about 130 proof.

Strong vodka or gin, followed by ordinary hand lotion, would be the same.

One of the largest booze manufacturers has temporarily switched to making alcohol for sanitizer! Might as well — can’t have many parties currently.

I don’t think beer or wine would be very effective. Not enough alcohol there.

If you do use Bourbon on your hands just before entering your church, they’ll “KNOW” where you’ve been, which might even be a good thing if it keeps them a “social distance” from you.

Call me. David Mitchell 858-538-2911.

My profound thanks to Ralph Parker – who first put me onto this concept.

Bill Slater has posted a wonderful resource on Covid-19 here. Don’t miss it. http://www.billslater.com/covid19/index.htm

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We hear anecdotally (that is, from doctors and hospitals on the front line) that the anti-malarial drug chloroquine or its safer variant hydroxyl chloroquine is curing Corona/Covid-19 patients. At what rate, we haven’t heard.

Dr. Fauci of the Trump team is skeptical, wanting to await careful clinical trials. He’s on the horns of a dilemma. Deemed wrong if he’s right and wrong if he’s wrong.

By the way, Covid-19 is the latest of many Corona viruses that have caused flu and most common colds for a very long time. The “19” designation is from the year, 2019, it was first detected, in China. Dec 1st, to be exact.


While days pass, the best path of all remains NOT to CONTRACT the dangerous virus.


The body cures Corona viruses, if and only if it can marshall enough immunity in time. Corona wins if the body is too slow in doing that. The hospital tries its best to keep you stable while your body can kill the Corona virus inside it.

A large number of Nutritional Supplements and Pharmaceuticals will boost immunity.  I’ve catalogued dozens of them in this wholesale website.

You can also find them wholesale here:  https://DM1.US

Curing Corona

In particular, Colloidal Silver and Zinc will not cure the disease, but there’s a very strong possibility they will prevent infection — IF taken within Minutes, not Hours of the FIRST INDICATION of a sore throat or earache.

How Corona Infects

The reason is that Corona first multiplies in the back of the throat.

A zinc lozenge or a colloidal silver gargle, preferably both, and also an alcohol gargle like Listerine or even whiskey, can strip the virus of its outer coat and kill it. China says warm salt water might do the same.

If you can be rid of the virus in the throat, it can’t spread to the bronchial tubes and lungs, where it could be fatal.

Don’t try to cure Corona yourself. If you get the symptoms, such as flu with fever, get medical attention. They’ll test you and see whether you have flu or Corona.

Flatten The Curve

But you should do as we’re doing, and practice an ounce of prevention every day, several times a day, and ESPECIALLY just before bed. A sore throat might not wake you up in Minutes, rather than Hours. So just prevent the problem.

I’ve spent two days collecting all the information about using Youngevity Immunity products as Preventatives and will be complete today at https://7y97.com. It’ll be on the menu at the left.

No cures can be found there, of course. Just Prevention.  The whole thing is to flatten that curve that shows the spike of infection.  The spike is the most dangerous thing of all, because the number of cases (as in Italy) can easily overwhelm our medical care system:  people, equipment, tests, drugs.

The tagline is FLATTEN THE CURVE, which means Slow down the rate of infection.

Wholesale only, no retail prices, and orders of $50+ qualify for Free Shipping, Factory Direct to you. As always.

We’re here to Put A Dent In Disease ™. And it’s working.

REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here:  -> BillSlater.Com/covid19

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Heads Up. Shipping Delays may be coming, Probably not. 1-2 days is still the norm.

Howdy You!



We appreciate you and we’re honored to serve you.

To slow the spread of Corona, Youngevity has sent some of their nervous shipping staff home. The rest are working hard but they’re short-handed.

Nobody there has ever tested positive for Corona, and definitely they want to keep it that way.

The people who are left will be working as fast and diligently as possible but we expect delays soon, and we expect that the delays will tend to get worse as time goes on. The people are using extra precautions with your order.

Orders have decreased, and that will help the shipping situation.

Products are not arriving as readily, and that will mean more things go on backorder.

We watch a backorder list that can change minute-by-minute, so when something goes on backorder, we remove it from our website, unless it will be back in stock tomorrow.

We do get surprised on occasion — and if we can’t fulfill your order immediately, we tell you immediately. You can choose to get a full refund within, minutes, or retain your place in line for when the item comes back in stock. And if you choose the latter and tomorrow you want your money back, for any reason — absolutely no problem.

We still offer a 100% Money Back Forever Guarantee. You can get your money back decades from now. It’s such a ridiculous business practice that nobody else will do that.

We must refund the same way you paid. Some banks will hold your money for several days, and we can’t control that. For this reason, we recommend that you use PayPal.

Youngevity maintains three shipping centers: San Diego (actually a southern suburb named Chula Vista), Memphis and Los Angeles.

We rely exclusively on Youngevity to ship products. We want only the best coming to you. For 100% Freshness, that means having Youngevity ship to you directly from their warehouse.

We will never sell you anything obsolete, near-obsolete, damaged, opened, even dented. Period. If a product gets dented in transit, we replace it. But we can’t exercise much control over when things ship. The best we can do is encourage Youngevity shipping people to get your product out fast. We do that and they listen to us.

So we apologize if you experience a delay, even if it’s outside our control.

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Chloroquine and Zinc are in speedy trials to stop Corona

REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here: BillSlater.Com/covid19

Paul Cales sent me this YouTube link. You should watch it. It gives much hope.

Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

I heard President Trump mention them in a very positive light on TV yesterday.

Dr. Fauci is skeptical because the evidence is not “clinical” under controlled conditions.

The FDA has approved “compassionate use” of chloroquine, meaning if the doctor thinks it’s necessary, the FDA will allow it on a request basis. Such use will help the FDA with some data, but an important part of testing is to check the ‘placebo’ effect.

The basic trouble with that kind of testing on humans is that this is a deadly disease. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to treat a sick person, by giving them an inert pill, and take the chance losing them. You want them to get well.

Chloroquine is an anti-malarial drug, and has been approved for malaria since 1944. Hydroxychloroquine is less toxic to humans and seems to work better on malaria. However, malaria has evolved into several resistant strains.

The drug seems to work well on Corona. The YouTube link above explains how it works.

In a nutshell, the mineral Zinc will kill viruses by stopping their ability to make copies of themselves and spread. It does the same for malaria.

Zinc Lozenges

For decades, starting with my mother in the 1950s, our family has used Zinc Lozenges to ward off nearly every respiratory disease.

Each of our family members has typically gone five years or so between colds and cases of flu, since about 1960.

Youngevity sells Zinc lozenges. They are on backorder with no in-stock date. We have enough for our family for a couple of weeks. I strongly recommend that you get a supply of that or the equivalent, because this Corona is just the beginning of new and worse things to come as the world winds down.

I’m not trying to be a fear monger here — it’s Biblical, the words of Jesus — so we can be prepared and okay during crises.

Ps 112:7 says, “They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” (NIV)

It is human to have fear, but we Do Not have to be driven by it! That’s being steadfast. We can cast out fear, because Perfect Love casts out fear, and Jesus has another name: Perfect Love. Pray for me, please. I pray for you, not knowing whom you are, but if you want to contact me, at 858-538-2911, I will pray for you on the spot. Genesis says that the devil intended to harm me but God will use it for good!

Zinc Lozenges work well for us in preventing illness. We use them as needed, at the Very First sign of a scratchy throat, within minutes, not hours. I awakened this morning with a stuffy nose, took one, and now am clear an hour later. I do recommend getting some, where ever you can find some. Order them in, if possible.

Zicam is an over the counter, zinc-bearing product that comes in sprays, swabs, etc. It works even after a cold has a foothold because the swabs can get into the nasal cavity more easily than a lozenge can.

I wrote on making your own colloidal silver, stating correctly that “scrambling eggs is harder.”

My colloidal silver method costs $1.50 a gallon, so I don’t buy it from Youngevity at 500x that cost. That’s the ONLY supplement I don’t buy from Youngevity.

By the way, I’m not selling my colloidal silver here. I don’t have the facilities to bottle, ensure freshness, ship, etc.

Just make your own. Scrambling eggs is harder — really!

Clean and rinse a wide-mouth jar very thoroughly, fill with pure distilled water and nothing else, drop in two pure silver wires not touching, apply from 12-36 volts to the wires, wait 2-4 hours and one wire will have grown silver oxide whiskers. You’re done at that point. Store in a dark place. Refrigeration is Not needed.

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Corona: New Things We’re Doing Right Since 3/10/20


REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here: BillSlater.Com/covid19

Our friend Gloria asked what we do personally, to ward off Corona. Thanks, Gloria.

Dear Gloria,

That’s a very insightful question, one which is on many people’s minds right now. Here is what We do in our household.

Self Quarantine

We are all but quarantined. San Diego is on near-lockdown at this moment. Most cities are or will be. Restaurants can offer drive-through only. Bars are closed. No gatherings of 10 or more people. Churches must LiveStream or close for weeks. All schools are closed, probably until Autumn and are arranging online classes.

So, we’re all but quarantined, and we think that’s good.


The other half of the equation is the bank account. It’s very important not to go broke, but it’s equally important to stay healthy. So my recommendations have to be tempered with money.

If you call us at 858-538-2911 from 9-9 Pacific time, we’ll work out a spreadsheet with you, to calculate what’s best for you and your family and your finances. If the phone’s busy, set a timer and call back in 30.

If you own a small business, we can probably arrange a no-credit-check loan for you.


As soon as you touch something that you don’t touch constantly, (like your keyboard,) wash the hands for 20 seconds minimum, in hot water with plenty of soap. Get every area, even wrists. Hand Sanitizer is almost as good as hand washing and both together are better than either alone.

Then you probably want to use some hand lotion, like Jergens or Aloe.

Corona’s Persistence (and flu)

Remember that Corona (and flu) can live a WEEK or MORE on any surface, so this Social Distancing idea is totally inadequate.

Unless a surface has been disinfected very recently, it’s contaminated by everyone who has touched it or coughed/sneezed near it for the past week.

Cough and Sneeze

It’s possible to suppress a sneeze. If you’re hiding in a bush from enemy soldiers all around you, you suppress it or die. Here’s how to do it. Just before the sneeze, exhale completely, so that you don’t sneeze with any air in your lungs. You WILL sneeze, but it’ll be mostly silent and you won’t get shot. With Corona, you WILL sneeze, but you won’t contaminate anyone else.

‘Six feet’ is a start. However, a sneeze travels hundreds of miles an hour for the first few feet. It mostly falls to the ground in 6-10 feet. One sneeze’s contaminated micro-droplets can drift in the air for 1/5 of a mile, and contaminate a whole business establishment.

Don’t cough near anybody, not at all, and if anyone coughs near you, move away fast. From about ten feet away, call out and say, “Sorry, I don’t want to offend you but I’m at particularly high risk.” Then immediately wash any exposed skin and as soon as you can, and launder your outer garments.

COUGH DROPS! They may not stop you from getting it, but they might save people around you.

Masks. They help prevent you from getting it IF THE OTHER GUY’S WEARING HIS. Your mask won’t help you.

Our son works at Home Depot, touching everything — Wearing Cotton Gloves. When he returns home, he showers and washes everything, including the gloves. He can’t get disposable gloves or he would.

Then he goes out and sanitizes the truck, everywhere he has touched, and the house doorknobs.

Hot Box

All mail goes into our personal hotbox for a whole day. So mail’s delayed another day. Big deal.

This is just a box warmed to about 120 degrees, checked with a thermometer. You can’t touch it safely! If you build one, make sure your heater doesn’t char anything! I made our box from sheet metal, but wood and cardboard char at around 280-320 degrees, so 120 should be okay.

An unheated box with a teaspoon or an eyedropper of alcohol added each time it’s opened, would probably do just as well.

I saw an Ultraviolet (UV) Light box advertised. That’s ludicrous. Any virus that happened to be in a shadow would be safe from the UV light.

Zinc Lozenges

Not the tiny white pills. Lozenges kill Corona where it begins, in the back of the throat. We don’t take Zinc constantly because we’d run out.

At the FIRST indication of any sore throat or earache, within Minutes, not Hours, suck on a Zinc Lozenge. Youngevity is out of them with no restock date. There may be some left at CVS, Rite Aid, Sprouts, Trader Joes, or online. Personally, These are our #3 defense, after two kinds of sanitation.

Hot Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Salt Water

Corona is deactivated or killed by elevated temperatures, even 2-5 degrees above normal body temperature of 98.6F = 37C.

The infection starts in the back of the throat.

Gargle with very warm salt water.

Listerine. Alcohol gargle.

Drink hot liquids, NOT SO HOT AS TO BURN, and let them trickle down your throat to heat it up.

Hot Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, talk about a pleasant prevention!

Alcohol kills it, so you could do as my Dad did. He didn’t drink booze at all, but he kept some whiskey in the cabinet. To cure a sore throat, he would let a little whiskey drain down the back of his throat. It worked very well for him.

190-proof liquor makes an effective sanitizer for around the home.

Booze in the stomach doesn’t work on Corona. Stomach acid kills it anyhow. Corona lives in the lungs.

Colloidal Silver WORKS.

It’s too pricey to use it as we do, so Make Your Own Top Quality Colloidal Silver for about $1.50 a gallon, after you spend about $30 for silver wire, a Mason jar and some Clip Leads. Details are on 7y97. Com. Or call me at 858-538-2911, We use it as a mouthwash 2x daily and let it slide slowly down the throat. Any wound gets it and even diabetics heal much faster that way. We use it to disinfect surfaces. You cannot OD on it.

Trust Youngevity

We’ve been studying health and nutrition deeply for decades and are Master Nutritionists. We know and honor Dr. Wallach and his magnificent wife, Dr. Ma Lan, and we get to confer with them at will. We do it all the time. Dr. Peter Glidden too, and about ten other top colleagues in this business.

Potency and Quality

We (Glidden primarily) have absolutely proven that no other brand of food supplements comes close to Youngevity in terms of potency and quality. Most are more expensive to boot.

What We Consume In Our Family:

In preferential order, here’s what we take. Dr. Wallach does the same.

  1. Healthy Body Start Pak – in any form. We prefer the Tablets and the Original. The Tablets are especially indicated for their 160,000 ORAC score, fighting inflammation and infection. We switch off to Original, to help stay hydrated.

    We are taking 50% more than recommended, because of Corona.

    If we hadn’t been taking it for years, we’d be doubling the recommendation of one pak a month per 100#-175# of body weight.

    That’s expensive, but cheap. Illness is tremendously more expensive and much riskier.

  2. Zinc Lozenges for protection. (Not the Pills) One lozenge at the First Instance of any sore throat or ears. It’s very inexpensive.

    Order online from anyone who can still sell it.

  3. Immu-911 seasonal (flu) defense from Youngevity
    Corona is related to influenza and anti-flu preventions work.

  4. Killer Biotic from Youngevity.

  5. Imortalium. It lengthens telomeres and fights inflammation that causes early demise. For me, it has reversed several years of aging.

  6. Rebound or A.C.T. for immunity and energy. We use one canister and switch brands, then switch back. Tastes great.

  7. Youth Complex, to build muscle mass in case of a long term hospitalization, to combat muscle atrophy (especially the heart).

  8. XeraTest (for the men)

  9. XeraFem (for the women)

Love to chat with you in a non-sales environment, even about loneliness and isolation. 858-538-2911 from 9-9 Pacific Time == Noon to Midnight Eastern. Call back if the line’s busy.

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The Cat who taught me ‘Cat’

The Cat who taught me 'Cat' 1
The Cat who taught me 'Cat' 2
‘Friendly’ on duty, on the job: being a cat.

In times of peril, such as with Corona Virus pandemning, we all need some solace. Our devoted pets help us.

We have such a Cat, now named Friendly.

This is an email I sent last evening, hoping it would reach the right person. At least the recipient has the correct name and lives in the correct metropolis.


Hi Christine,

I believe we’ve met twice — forgive me please if I found the wrong person. 
We fell in love with a young cat you rescued from under a parked car, fed and named Boomie
, because he was very vocal.

He’s doing famously well.  Although he was hissy and very afraid at that time, you proclaimed, “He will be a great cat.”

He is quite simply, by far, the smartest cat (out of about 50) we have ever known. 

As an example, he decided I need to learn his language and so after a lot of patience on his part, he and I have rather extended conversations, with me translating to other people in the family, while he sits patiently, looking at them.

I have not told him, but I think he knows I’m writing to you, because he just came over with a new meow, an exceedingly quiet and joyous one I’ve never heard before.  I think he just said, “Hello and thanks.”

The Cat who taught me 'Cat' 3

I asked him in English, “Do you remember Christine?” and in “cat,” he instantly acknowledged you. He rubbed my legs a longer time than usual, and sat down at exactly the right place, also part of “cat” language.

About ten years ago, he impressed upon me that he needed a name change. I can’t explain it, but I almost think he projected his thoughts. It was probably a subtle combination of postures and movements. So with his consent, I chose “Friendly.” I officially renamed him that. Instantly, he changed his personality!  He answers to it, but barely tolerates his other name.

He came into a family with three other cats, and it took him a full year to win them over, but he’s their brother now.  Sadly, two passed away the same month three years ago. 

He and his brother Ebony sat and watched us lay each brother to rest.  Each time, he then went to the furthest corner of the yard under a brambly rose bush and laid there a long time.  He knows where they lie and they are part of his patrol points in the yard.

He’s generous with his wild-caught food and we always thank and praise him.  When he’s gone out of the master bedroom, the food goes away, but I’m pretty sure he knows what we did with the rodent or lizard.

He’s very attentive when one of us is ill, spending most of his time on our bed, as close as possible. Otherwise, he attends more to his other cat duties.

It’s all true.  It’s quite possible, but difficult to learn to speak ‘cat.’  Most felines do understand English very well; they just don’t have the tongues to speak it.

So if this rings a bell with you, thank you for finding us a remarkable and devoted friend.  If not, well, it’s a pretty story too. You are an author and you have my permission to share it, in his name.

Your friends,
David and Carol Mitchell

(Ten days later)

We have not yet heard a reply to this email, and with the Corona Virus rampant, it may be a while. The intended recipient is a writer and she might not be visiting her office’s email. I think I sent it to an office. But if she replies, and consents, I’ll let you know.

http://dm1.us has top quality nutritional supplements in this time of Corona.

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Will Warm Weather Kill Corona?

It’s alleged that the warmth of late spring and summer will attenuate Corona. I think so. I hope so. Corona is actually a whole “class” of viruses, which cause various mutations of influenza and most common colds. Covid19 is a particularly nasty one, first discovered in humans in Wuhan, China, December 1st, 2019.

It spreads faster in colder climes.

Social Separation. 

They say to stay six feet away from other people. That’s a start, but…

Coughs and Sneezes

In a cough, about 80% of the droplets fall to the floor within 6 feet.  In a sneeze, only about 65% do.

A sneeze travels hundreds of MPH for the first few feet.  The finest droplets, carrying the contagion, are too small to settle. They drift in the breeze for 1,000 feet or much more.

A mask doesn’t protect the wearer!  It only protects other people somewhat from a contagious sneeze or cough.  The finest droplets pass right through.

So please don’t think staying 6′ away protects you 100%.

If you touch something which has been sneezed on, guess what. The surface is contaminated for up to a Week.


I decided to count how many times I touched something with my hands in a normal hour. Several hundred.

If you open a door with your sleeve, you’re carrying that sleeve with you.  Instead, use a handkerchief or better, a paper towel and discard the towel immediately.

Laundering kills Corona. It hates heat, hot water and soap. 

Handwashing 20 seconds with soap and hot water is better than santizers, but both together are better yet.

Heat above 105-degrees for half an hour is said to disable but not kill Corona. 

Use a hot air hand dryer if you can. 

We’re making a hot-box for incoming mail. The mail will be delayed a day around here.

Stay warm. 

  • Put on more clothes. 
  • Don’t let your body get cold. 
  • Exercise a lot and break a good sweat to get your body temperature higher. 
  • Keep the rooms warm, at least 74-degrees.
  • Drink Hot Tea and Hot Coffee as soon as (not hours later after) you first feel the slightest sore throat. Don’t burn yourself but drink it hot. Hot Chocolate is good too.
  • The infection starts there.

Sore Throat

  • A sore throat or earache is the First sign you get of infection. Of course, a sore throat usually (~98% of the time) means something else,
  • Zinc lozenges (not the little pills) and Zicam help. Don’t delay!
  • Colloidal Silver helps. Make your own for $2 a Gallon! (<-click)
  • Take the hot liquids, zinc, silver, etc. just before bed, because while you’re asleep, a sore throat might not awaken you in time. I think you have minutes, not hours, to treat a sore throat.
  • Vitamin C probably doesn’t as much if you already have a sore throat. It does build the immune system.
  • If you catch Corona and get a fever, the fever is killing the virus, so don’t suppress the fever with aspirin!  (Unless it gets Too high.) High fever is dangerous too. Get advice from your MD.
  • Pregnant women and children under about 8 are Less infected because they have a higher Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). 
  • People with Diabetes and/or any respiratory condition are at higher risk. Their BMR is lower. Their immune systems, thus their ability to heal, are compromised.
  • Animals and birds can carry it. Their BMR is high so they don’t usually get symptoms, but they can give it to people.

The BMR is only one indicator of how susceptible a person is, but it’s certainly an important one. Stay Warm!

REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here:  -> BillSlater.Com/covid19

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Corona Vaccine Ships for Human Testing

This was curated from TIME magazine: Author Alice Park 2-25-20. (Grammatical editing by the curator).

Moderna Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Cambridge, Mass., has shipped the first batches of its COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was created just 42 days after the genetic sequence of the COVID_19 virus, called SARS-CoV-2, was released by Chinese researchers in mid-January. The first vials were sent to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, which will ready the vaccine for human testing as early as April, 2020.

NIH scientists also began testing an antiviral drug called remdesivir that had been developed for Ebola, on a patient infected with SARS-CoV-2. The trial is the first to test a drug for treating COVID-19, and will be led by a team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The first patient to volunteer for the ground-breaking study is a passenger who was brought back to the US after testing positive for the disease aboard the Diamond Princess. Others diagnosed with COVID-19 who have been hospitalized will also be part of the study.

Remdesivir showed encouraging results among animals infected with two related coronaviruses, one responsible for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and another for causing Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Volunteers will be randomly assigned to receive either the drug or a placebo intravenously for 10 days, and they will have blood tests and nose and throat swabs taken every two days to track the amount of virus in their bodies. Even if the drug shows some efficacy in keeping blood levels of SARS-CoV-2 from growing, it could help to contain the spread of the infection.

Moderna’s vaccine against COVID-19 was developed in record time because it’s based on a relatively new genetic method that does not require growing huge amounts of virus. Instead, the vaccine is packed with mRNA, the genetic material that comes from DNA and makes proteins. Moderna loads its vaccine with mRNA that codes for the right coronavirus proteins which then get injected into the body. Immune cells in the lymph nodes can process that mRNA and start making the protein in just the right way for other immune cells to recognize and mark them for destruction.

As Dr. Stephen Hoge, president of Moderna, told TIME earlier this month, “mRNA is really like a software molecule in biology. So our vaccine is like the software program to the body, which then goes and makes the [viral] proteins that can generate an immune response.” That means that this vaccine method can be scaled up quickly, saving critical time when a new disease like COVID-19 emerges and starts infecting tens of thousands of people.

REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here:  -> BillSlater.Com/covid19

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News 3/13/2020

Corona spread is even faster than almost anyone predicted.

Johns Hopkins professor says 50,000 to 500,000 Americans have Coronavirus. My mathematics predicted that, back on March 9th.

About social distancing, large particles of a sneeze travel 6 feet.

The smallest particles of a sneeze can travel 600 feet, easily.

They can potentially drift a quarter mile!

Masks don’t protect people who wear them. Masks only semi-protect others from people who sneeze or cough. The smallest particles go right through a mask.

They’re better than nothing. Best is to flee away from coughs and sneezes.

If you open a door with your sleeve, remember that you carry that sleeve with you. INSTEAD, USE A HANDKERCHIEF to open doors and wash it as soon as you can.

Astronauts can see huge mass Iranian graves from space.

Italian deaths surged past 1,000. Second place to China now.

Paris nightlife is gone.

Travel to the US from UK and Ireland is now banned.

The number of new cases is slowing in Wuhan China, where nearly everyone has gotten it. There’s almost nobody new for it to infect.

CoronaVirus can live in patients for Five Weeks After Being Contagious.

Donald Trump was tested. It was negative.

A vaccine is more than a year away — except don’t discount American industry and ingenuity. I’ve heard of two that may be in trials next week!

Las Vegas still has plenty of tourists. Not for long.

Apple has closed all stores outside China.

Trump suspended rules letting truckers who’re carrying medical supplies to drive longer hours.

Trump waived interest on student loans.

TIP: Soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizer. Together, they’re better still.

Scrub at least 20 seconds, 1-thousand, 2-thousand, 3-thousand, …, 20-thousand. Air dry or use a clean paper towel.

Use that towel to open the restroom door and your foot to hold the door while you discard the towel.

REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here:  -> BillSlater.Com/covid19
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Corona Virus vs. Colloidal Silver

You have to do things right, but

can eliminate (NOT CURE)
CORONA / COVID 19 / 2019-nCoV / in all strains —

And the flu too.

A nonessential detail: ‘Corona’ is a Group of viruses and COVID-19 is the one in the group causing all the trouble these days. This paper treats them as if they were the same, but that’s good, because Colloidal Silver has the same good effect on them all.

Testing has its place. It will tell if you have it, but that is All testing will do.

Testing won’t Cure a thing.

Once you have Corona, hospitals can’t cure it either. There is no vaccine just yet.

Some drugs to kill it are on the fast track. The malarial drug Chlorquine shows promise.

Hospitals can provide ventilators / respirators to supplement your lungs while your body (hopefully) cures it.

Colloidal Silver can’t cure it either, but properly used, Colloidal Silver can Prevent it.

The ONLY SANE ANSWER to Corona is Prevention.

Prevention is what this paper is all about. Testing does help prevent the spread of Corona because it lets victims be quarantined. However, this paper is about not catching the disease.

I do sell Youngevity Colloidal Silver for the “amazing” price of $31.95 per tiny 2.5 mL bottle. By the market, that’s the right price.

I don’t recommend you buy it from me, even if you can. We were selling about 28 times as much this week as last. It went on backorder 3/12/20, with more due long after most people are infected.

Instead, I recommend you make your own Colloidal Silver water for about $1.50 per GALLON.

Equipment to make the initial gallon might cost you as much as $30, and a gallon of commercial colloidal silver (from Youngegivy) will cost more than $500. Which is better when the quality is the same? $1.50 per gallon or $500 per gallon?

I’m a Sane-Scientist and a Master Nutritionist.

I’ve been making and using colloidal silver water very effectively – since 1980. Also, you can phone me in San Diego, California at 858-538-2911 for details about Silver, Corona, Nutrition, Immunity, even cats.

(If you need a short term loan, I can probably make that happen too.)

This Colloidal Silver is not only just-adequate. It is every bit as good as anything you can buy.

It’s not even hard to make.

There’s no great mystery. About all you do is

  • Pour pure water into a clean container,
  • Drop two pure silver wires inside and
  • Connect the wires to a battery or power supply.
  • Wait 2-4 hours until the solution says it’s done and, you’re done
Corona Virus vs. Colloidal Silver 4
Two Sterling silver 12-gauge wires bent to fit the jar. Any wire diameter is okay.
These are 30 years old. The wires turn black from ordinary tarnish and that’s okay too.
Corona Virus vs. Colloidal Silver 5
Fill the very clean jar with distilled water
Clip a lead to each silver wire.
Corona Virus vs. Colloidal Silver 6
Clip the other ends of the leads to a power source. This is from a power drill.
Wait about 2-4 hours depending on the voltage. This 18-volt charger will take 3 hours.
Some chargers light up and others don’t.
Corona Virus vs. Colloidal Silver 7
Stop when you get black AgO2 fuzz on a wire.
The fuzz is harmless.

Remove, clean and store the wires in a relatively airtight baggie.

Pour the Colloidal Silver water into dark glass containers like BTT Tablet bottles.

Actually, you can keep it in a clear container, such as it’s in, with a canning jar lid – but store it in a dark place, like a box.
Otherwise, it turns amber, harmlessly.

Very Few Things are Simpler!

It’s so much harder to scramble eggs than to make top quality Colloidal Silver!

There are several dangerous videos on the Internet, about making colloidal silver. Some “look” very good but would create a dangerous solution. Below, I reveal why.

The process I describe is entirely safe and produces extremely high-quality colloidal silver.

I need to clear up some misconceptions.

Not all ‘Pure’ Sterling Silver is pure.

There is plenty of bogus Chinese silver wire out there, and even bogus Chinese coins and bullion, containing who knows what.

My 99.99% silver wire is about 30 years old, so I’ll continue to use it. You need some pure silver wire.

  • A simple Nitric Acid test costing $3 will tell you if the silver is pure. File a small part of the silver away to remove any silver plating. Apply a few drops of nitric acid to the exposed area. If it turns creamy white, it’s silver. (Silver Nitrate). If green it’s not pure.

CAUTION: THE ACID IS VERY DANGEROUS AND WILL BURN YOUR SKIN. Wash off with plenty of water. The silver nitrate will also wash away. You’ll only need it once, ever.

Don’t bother with the test.

Just get Sterling Silver from Fire Mountain Gems, where my jeweler-daughter gets most of her supplies. Link below.

Never use any salt or other additive.

In high school chemistry, we used to make hydrogen and oxygen from water by putting a couple of electrodes in the water, applying DC electricity and collecting the bubbles in an inverted test tube. We added salt to speed up the process. DO NOT DO THAT HERE!

Use ONLY pure DISTILLED not merely filtered water.

Table salt, as an example, (Na+Cl-) does speed up the process, but bad things happen:

  1. The colloidal silver in the solution is greatly reduced, precisely because the time is reduced, and the electricity spends much of its energy making other deleterious things.
  2. The Na+ ion from salt combines with water’s OH- ion creating Na+OH-, which is common lye. It’s corrosive and somewhat toxic. It interferes with digestion.
  3. The Cl- ion in the salt combines with the silver (Ag+) ion forming Ag+Cl-, or silver chloride. It’s toxic too.
  4. Other additives and impurities have similar bad results. Filtered water contains dissolved impurities. As you know, filtering seawater does not remove the salt. Distillation does.

Never let anything but your silver touch the water when you’re making colloidal silver.

For instance, my process uses electrical clip leads, which are usually plated with cadmium or nickel. You’d get dangerous colloidal Cd, or less dangerous Ni in your solution as well as Ag (silver).

Clip leads are perfectly safe as long as you don’t immerse them in the new solution.

NOTE: Above, I describe things like Ag+, Na+, and Cl- as ions with + or – signs. In stark contrast, the Ag in colloidal silver does not have a + sign! It’s not an ion. It is pure silver in particles so fine they will not even settle out of the water.

My friend, Dr. Carlos Garcia, uses Mexican silver coins.

He’s not concerned with anything else in the coins because there’s no cadmium and all other trace minerals are okay, even useful by the body.

Cadmium is a major cause of cancer.

(Researchers: Dr. Bernhardt Schrauser and Dr. Joel Wallach)

Dr. Garcia has been treating people with silver for decades.

Skin ailments disappear rather fast when treated with silver bandages.


Ten days ago, I got a nasty, persistent scrape on my forearm. Antibiotics and healing cortisone cream didn’t look like they were helping at all.

It was looking more and more dangerous.

I soaked the wound with colloidal silver for three minutes and two days later it is all but healed.

I should have done that first!

Trauma centers use silver-treated bandages for burns and wounds. It has been known for hundreds of years, maybe a thousand, to be effective.

How to make quality colloidal silver for $1.50 a gallon or less!

I begin with a pint-sized Mason or Kerr or Ball canning jar container.

No lid is needed. The size doesn’t matter, but the container Must be glass and you need to be able to see through it.

A drinking glass would do but it’s easier to clean a wide-mouth canning jar.

Use glass because other materials, even plastic and especially metal, can leach into the silver water. Metal could short out the clip leads and smoke the power supply.

Get a gallon of Distilled, not filtered, water in any supermarket. $1.19

Wash the glass container thoroughly with tap water and soap, and rinse about eight times, shaking the rinse water vigorously. The last two rinses should be with Distilled water. I want my container THAT clean! You don’t need to air dry it and drying the inside with a cloth or tissue would contaminate it very slightly. So, you can begin immediately.

Your two sterling silver wire electrodes are bent like a shepherd’s crook. See photo.

The long end dips deeply into the jar and the short end is out in the air, where you will clip your electrical leads.

Fill the jar with water, nearly to the brim.

Clean the electrodes and bend them over the edges of the jar.

They don’t touch each other. The silver wire is nearly dead-soft and you merely bend it to hold its position on the jar.

Attach two clip leads.

Clip one end of a clip lead to one silver wire electrode and the other to your power supply, then do similar with the other clip lead. It’s like battery cables but polarity does not matter. Either lead can go either place on the power supply.


At one time, I used four 9-volt batteries, but they got expensive. Dr. Garcia told me to just use a battery charger from my power tools. The voltage doesn’t matter much. 12-v will take around 4 hours, 18-v will take about 3 hours and four 9-volt batteries at 36 volts about 2 hours. They all produce excellent silver.

Wait a while.

At first, absolutely nothing seems to happen, but it’s happening. Set an alarm and after about 90 minutes, look at the electrodes. If you see them getting gray or black, that’s good. It’s just harmless silver oxide, the same stuff as you get on silverware. It’s actually beneficial.

If nothing, just wait. If nothing happens for three hours, check your connections. You cannot overcook this stuff!

When is it done?

When one electrode has grown a lot of black hairs or when you see a silver sheen of flakes floating on the water, you’ve gone as far as you can go. More time won’t improve the water. However, I’ve left it running all night and all I get is a bit of extra silver about an atom thick, floating on the water. So, I wasted a micro-gram of silver worth a penny.

Wear and tear

My two wires show very little diameter reduction and they are 30 years old. They cost me $14 but today they were $17 plus shipping. They are 99.99 fine, dead-soft sterling silver jewelry wire and I bought the originals from an Omaha jewelry maker.

Finding Good Silver

My daughter is a jeweler and knows good from fake. Today, I’d purchase five feet of D-shaped wire from Fire Mountain Gems — in fact, I just did, for $17 plus shipping.


You’ll find cheaper silver on Amazon, but guess why it’s cheaper. It’s not pure. You don’t want unknown, non-silver metals in what you drink!

This link works: https://www.firemountaingems.com/itemdetails/h201002wr and the cost is under $25 for five feet after adding shipping and tax. You’ll never use it up. In fact, I ordered some from them because I expect some friends will want it. I use 16” in production so that $25 would make four production units.

I only need one and I already have it.

For silver production, I keep my wire on opposite sides of the jar to slow down the process! Come on – slow down for better silver, you do have all day. Don’t let the wires touch because that will short out the power supply.

Final Product

Your initial product is clear but turns very light amber in a day or two, faster in light. That’s what it should do.

Colloidal silver is light sensitive, a fact that led to early photography. They’d use colloidal silver water to make stiff gelatin, expose it in a camera and fix the gelatin to paper or tin or some substrate. Later, they found silver-halide was more sensitive and stable.

I keep it in a dark jar in a dark place anyhow. I actually use brown glass jars that held Youngevity BTT 2.0 Tablets at one time. We all take those tablets to keep our immune systems in top condition.

Testing Colloidal Silver

Your new silver won’t look any different from the water you put in the jar at the start. However, if you’re curious, a laser beam will shine straight through pure water but will fan out a little bit in a colloidal mixture as invisible particles of silver scatter it. That’s one way to test the amount of silver in the solution. The beam fans out a little more in my product than it does in Youngevity’s. Mine assays around 15-17 ppm. Theirs assays at 5 ppm.

How far can you go?

I stop when I begin to get silver flakes floating and 1/4″ black silver oxide ‘hairs’ on one of the electrodes. This means I’ve achieved as much colloidal silver as possible. The black and gray silver oxide on the wires is not harmful in the slightest. It’s the same chemical as tarnish on silverware. 


You could use Unbleached coffee filters to remove the pure silver flakes and black silver oxide from the water. I prefer not to do that.

I’m biased. Back in my days at SAC Headquarters, the newest NCO in my office made the coffee. One day I saw a new man using ChemWipes for filters. He claimed they were just the same as coffee filters. I praised his ingenuity but asked him what he thought the “Chem” stood for.

He ordered some real filters.

Use unbleached filters only! Bleach may contain either chlorine or oxygen.

Chlorine is particularly bad in this process. Oxygen bleach could be okay but probably has a little soap in it.

Bleached coffee filters would be okay for coffee, but not for silver production. A little chlorine doesn’t hurt the body and we even have it in our tap water, which is why not to use tap water in this process of creating colloidal silver. It’s very detrimental to the production of colloidal silver because it will form toxic silver chloride.

Concentration and PPM

There is some research that says a concentration of 20 parts per million is about the highest possible and states that high-concentration colloidal silver tends to clump over time. If silver is more concentrated, perhaps by boiling, then there will be more clumping as more particles bump into each other over time and stick electrostatically. So a concentration of 5 parts per million will be more stable than 23 parts per million.

The thing is, “time” is a relatively long period, like months to years.

Stability is not even close to being an issue. I do not believe that this clumping will have any adverse effect on the potency of the silver solution whatsoever. I expect that this will happen: Excess silver will clump and remove itself from the water, leaving a natural concentration of around 8 ppm behind. The silver clumps would not be toxic in any way. They are pure silver, doing no harm, and probably a lot of good. They are not ionic.

You must never consume ionic silver.

Ionic silver is always the result of a process involving some kind of salt. The silver won’t hurt you but the other ions surely can.

Ironically, one test for undesirable ionic silver in a batch of silver water is to add some common salt. If the water clouds up, don’t consume that kind of silver water. Of course, discard the test solution in any case. Ordinary salt will corrupt good silver water.

Other ideas

For production, I like one idea of suspending silver bullion from copper wires taped to the jar as in a video. If the copper doesn’t touch water, there won’t be any colloidal Copper in the solution. Colloidal copper is beneficial anyhow.


Three or four nine-volt batteries snapped together work well. You’ll get several pint-sized batches from a $10 worth of batteries. 

One Youtube video discusses buying a $40 power supply because of its 6-amp capacity. That’s just bad engineering! When I measure the current running through a completed batch, I get about 30 milliamps (ma), or 30 thousandths of an amp. At the start, the current is in the micro-amp range A 6-amp power supply is 2,000 times as much expensive overkill. 

ANY small power supply will produce 30 ma with ease and not overheat. Like Dr. Garcia said, just use a battery charger for a power drill.

Economy and Credentials

I’m a meticulous scientist and I’m convinced that the silver I make is as good as anything bought for fancy prices, or better. I can sell Youngevity’s Colloidal Silver for $34.95 per small bottle, but it costs much more than the silver I make.

The coolest thing about making your own is that it’s Not Precious, that is, it’s Not Expensive, so you won’t have to feel bad about using it.

Use all you want.

Our Youngevity Colloidal Silver was selling like hotcakes due to the Corona virus. Currently it is on backorder.


No need. It is a natural antiseptic and won’t spoil.


As much as you want. The problem with Colloidal Silver has been its cost, so people want to be sparing with it. When it costs pennies more than a gallon of distilled water, you can be generous with it.

I use it on cuts and bruises, along with ordinary antiseptics. I gargle with it for scratchy sore throats. I use it as a mouthwash and I drink a little every day because I think it helps my digestion, which is already in good shape.


Water. There’s almost no taste.


No more than pure water does.


Yes. No problem. It helps kill bad bacteria in the gut but has no effect on the good bacteria you need there. It can’t hurt human cells either.


It’s not a fable, but it is a fable that colloidal silver will turn someone blue.

I had a great uncle, a pastor, a wonderful man, who turned blue. His doctor gave him a large amount of Silver Nitrate to cure an ulcer, knowing he’d turn blue.

Silver Nitrate is toxic and highly caustic, but is useful for treating wounds. It has other industrial uses. Newer antibiotics are superior in most cases.

Great Uncle did turn blue, and his ulcer was not cured. Unfortunately, his flock thought he’d become demon-possessed and unlike his brothers, he had to stop preaching.

Colloidal Silver is nothing like silver nitrate. Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) is a Silver Salt, and is Ionic.

Colloidal Silver is tiny, pure silver flakes. It is not a salt and it is not ionic.

Colloidal Silver is as different from Silver Nitrate as necessary table salt is different from poisonous chlorine, which is a chemical ion of table salt.

I’m not blue in the slightest and I consume far more colloidal silver in a day than my great uncle did in one dose.


At the first sign of a scratchy throat, or earache, within minutes, not hours, drink some hot tea or coffee because Corona infects the throat first, and Corona can’t live but about one degree above body temperature.

Follow with half a mouthful of warm colloidal silver. Swish it in your mouth and let it slide slowly down your throat over the space of 30  seconds.

If you did it because of a sore throat, continue doing that twice a day at least! Corona’s incubation period is Three Weeks!

If Corona takes hold on your body, however, silver will only slow it, not kill it, because Corona gets into the bronchial tubes and lungs where silver can’t reach. Then it’s up to your body’s immune system, and the hospital, and prayer.

Don’t neglect prayer, even if you don’t believe in prayer. God does!

Even if your throat is not sore, do the above at bedtime until the threat is gone, and that will be sometime in August, 2020. I predict Corona will be largely gone May 1st, thank God and we’ll have a good vaccine by September.

Why bedtime? Because you might not awaken in time if you get a mild sore throat, but if you’re awake, you will notice it.

Make your own silver and it won’t cost you more than a couple bucks for a gallon of the water.

If you buy enough from me at Youngevity prices and you’ll go broke. Don’t do that!

If everyone on earth would use silver as I said, Corona could be stopped. Unfortunately, they won’t, and thus Corona cannot be stopped.


By the way, ZINC lozenges (not pills/tablets) are very effective on sore throats too, if taken within Minutes, not Hours.

Okay, they help in hours too but don’t let Corona get a foothold. I’ll write about that later. It’s 3:30 am. Sorry….

News Today: Corona was declared Deadly to around 20% of those severely infected.

We will lose friends.

(Update: we already have.)

Your friend,
Will David Mitchell

858-538-2911 in San Diego, CA

REF: Our friend William Favre Slater III has placed important, authoritative information here:  -> BillSlater.Com/covid19

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